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Are You Leaving Your Bridal Dress To DETERIORATE And Turn YELLOW?


Wedding gown cleaning is an important step in preserving the everlasting memory of your special day. Perspiration, food or errant drops of champagne could ruin your dress as the stains darkened over time.

After the wedding, many bridal gowns are stored in the plastic garment bag with intentions of dry cleaning it sometime soon. That soon often turns into weeks, and then years. This would weaken the fabric and result in permanent damage to your dress.



wedding_gown_cleaningAll wedding gowns get dirty. No matter how careful the brides are, the hems can get dirty dragging around the ground or floor.

If you spill something on your dress, blot it gently. Keep your dress away from direct sunlight, as heat can set the stain to permanent.

Avoid rubbing the stains, as rubbing can cause permanent damage to the fine fabric. Indicate the location and the nature of stains, and leave it to us to do the cleaning for you.

You may provide us your wedding date, so that we can pre-arrange a schedule with you to pickup your dress shortly after the event.



Wedding dresses are unique in the design, material and style. Wedding gown with beads and sequins require extra attention and handling to ensure these adornments are not damaged.

Entrust us to carry out premium cleaning for all your precious garments. Our cleaning specialists individually inspect every dress, ensuring your wedding gown and evening dress are handled with proper care and return to you in pristine conditions.



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