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Your executive suit jacket is certainly more than just a garment. It is a reflection of your professional image in any business event. Proper care and suit cleaning will keep them fresh and looks good on you.

suit_drycleaningDuring use, your suit is subject to odours, perspiration and stains. Storing a soiled suit may result in permanent damage when stains penetrate and weaken the fabric. Stains on natural fabric are also likely to attract clothes moths causing insect damage with little small holes.

Disasters like these can be prevented with regular drycleaning. Dry cleaning effectively removes odours, dirt, stains and refreshes your suit garment to restore the neat look.

Our dry clean service provides immense care to preserve the shape and style of your suit garment, preventing shrinkage and distortion for all delicate fabrics.

Allow us to take care of your suit jacket, dress shirt and trousers. We will return them to you clean and wrinkle-free.


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