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Rug Cleaning


Prolong the Life and Beauty of Your Area Rugs!


Rug Cleaning

Rugs represent a significant investment for your home decor. Regular cleaning is required to maintain and protect the original look and luster of your rug.

Dirt and grime are destructive to your area rugs. These agents act like sandpaper causing the fibers to wear off faster than usual. As result, a soiled rug would appearred dull, loosing its shine and colours.

Allergens and dust mites trapped in the fibers of your rugs are potential cause to allergy and can lead to respiratory problems. A regular rug cleaning ensures and maintains good indoor air quality for yourself and your family.

Professional rug cleaning effectively removes dirt and debris, extending the life and look of your rug.

Rugs are treasured items that deserve special care and attention by professional dry cleaners. We provide specialised rug cleaning services, taking great care to ensure that they are returned clean and ready to reflect your home style.


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