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Professional garment cleaning essentially extend the life of your garments by removing dirt and grimes. These soils if not removed, may cause fiber abrasions and eventually damage the delicate fabrics.

Clothes especially those worn directly against your skin should be drycleaned regularly to remove stains and dirt. During use your garments are subject to odour from perspiration and environmental conditions.

Even if a garment is only worn for a few hours, such as attending a wedding, staining could still result from cosmetics, beverages, perfume and hair spray. These invisible stains, if not washed, would oxidised and turn yellow over time.

Formal wear made from quality materials such as silk, wool, satin and chiffon deserves special care and drycleaning to maintain its style, colours and textures. Our drycleaning services and laundry services take immense care to keep your garments in good shape, using the appropriate cleaning method, making sure your garments remain pristine and looking as new.


Our Specialised Garments Cleaning Services Include:

Wedding Gown Dry-Cleaning
Suit Jacket Dry-Cleaning
Shirt Laundry
Leather Jacket Cleaning


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