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Comforter Cleaning

Comforter cleaning is sometimes neglected by homemakers. In fact, cleanliness of your comforter and bedding is equally important to keep your bedroom clean, fresh and healthy for a good night’s sleep.

comforter cleaningYou may not have realised that your comforter is the largest collector of dust and debris in the bedroom. Regular cleaning every once in a while is needed to remove dirt, stains and sweat to keep your duvet and pillows hygiene and odour-free.

Looking after your duvet will prolong its life and maintain its quality. Duvets and comforters come with a variety of fillings ranging from foam, microfiber, down feathers and etc. Each often requires special care and attention to stay in good condition.

Our comforter cleaning services ensure that your comforter is beautifully washed or drycleaned; returned to you fluffed up, soft and neatly packed!



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