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About Us


DryCleanSingapore.com is one of the best dry cleaners in Singapore with an online presence that allow customers to arrange laundry services easily with a click of button.

dry-cleanerOur vision is to provide reliable and quality dry cleaning and laundry services to customers like you who do not have the time to travel to the dry clean shop.

Our laundry factory employs a team of experienced and skillful specialists ensuring all fine fabrics and everyday clothing are handled with utmost care and personal attention.

With factories located in the central region of Singapore, we are able to provide door-to-door laundry delivery to any location at your convenience.

We accomplished this through close collaboration with our factory and support team in providing quality service and timely delivery to all customers, residential or commercial.


We provide top quality drycleaning and professional laundry for all types of garments and household items, including:

Wedding Gown Cleaning – Keep Your Wedding and Evening Gowns in Pristine Conditions.
Leather Jacket Cleaning – Restore the Sheen Finishing on Your Leather & Suede Jackets.
Suit Cleaning – Refreshes Your Suit Jacket with Delicate Dry Cleaning.
Shirt Laundry – Keep Your Dress Shirts Perfectly Washed and Pressed.
Bedding Laundry – Your Linens Beautifully Washed and Folded.
Comforter Cleaning – Keep Your Comforter Clean, Soft and Fluffed.
Curtain Cleaning – Clean Curtains Bring Fresh Life to Your Indoor Environment.
Rug Cleaning – Maintain the Original Look and Luster of Your Area Rugs.


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